Workshop tour

Machines in use

dot CO2 laser router

90W router CO2 laser with an area of ​​1000 x 600mm

including round option

Wood, leather, acrylic, metal: this branded device owes nothing.

dot Fiber Laser - Galvo

20W fiber laser with a maximum area of ​​270mm x 270mm

including round option

Plastics and metals are processed perfectly here. Deep engravings in metal can be implemented here.

dot UV Laser - Galvo

5W UV laser with a processing area of ​​maximum 300 x 300mm

including round option and 3D head

Highly precise glass engravings, plastic engravings and many other materials are possible.

dot 2 x CO2 laser - galvo

30W CO2 galvo head laser with a labeling field of 110 x 110mm

60W CO2 galvo head laser with a labeling field of 400 x 400mm

including round option

Series orders on wood are the focus here and are carried out with the necessary precision.

dot Wazer water jet cutter

Processing area: 460 x 305 mm
Prototype production and one-off production

dot Shaper Origin CNC router

Thanks to the shapers, we are able to complete projects that only furniture carpenters can otherwise take on. Really great tool and indispensable in the workshop. We use it to mill small works of art, but also stencils or other tools necessary for production.

dot 2 x 3D print - Bambulab X1 Carbon AMS

We print stencils, supports and tools with our X1 Carbon in excellent quality and top speed. Mostly used to place material securely and precisely.

Installation space 295 x 295 x 295mm