Application examples for engravings in the electronics sector

Serial numbers on circuit boards, labeling of keyboards, microchips (PCB) with QR codes, connection designations on ceramic coatings, individualization of PC cases, prototype construction of circuit boards and much more.

Realization options for engravings on electronic components

Labeling electronic components, circuit boards, semiconductors, etc. is usually very time-consuming. With our lasers we can do this for you even from small quantities at fair prices. We can apply any type of marking, regardless of whether you need QR codes, type, function or connection designations, serial numbers or other information on your electronic component. These can also be implemented on ceramic coatings.
Laser engravings on electronics are gentle on components and thanks to modern technology, this type of marking does not generate any waste heat and does not damage the component.

Engraving of circuit board layouts and computer accessories

The laser can also be used to create circuit board layouts. In preparation for producing the circuit board, the insulating layer is simply removed. This saves the need for more complex etching of the circuit boards, which is particularly essential in prototype construction and saves costs.

Another option for laser engraving in the field of electronics is the engraving of computer accessories. There are hardly any limits to what we can do. We personalize everything for you, from keyboards to controllers to PC cases with fonts, logos or motifs according to your wishes.

Board labeling