Anodized aluminum

Examples of anodized aluminum with personalized engraving

Company logos on lighters, ballpoint pens, carabiners or bottle openers, sayings on mugs or cups, name labels on aluminum or insulated bottles, labels on nameplates, motifs on cell phone cases and much more.

Anodized aluminum - advantages

The anodizing process creates an extremely durable and scratch-resistant surface on the top of the aluminum. Such anodized aluminum can withstand such extreme weather conditions, which is why it is used both indoors and outdoors. The aluminum coating can be implemented in a wide variety of colors. When anodized aluminum is engraved, no material is removed; The engraving cannot be felt and is visible because the affected areas turn white. The advantage of this is that the coating of the aluminum is not damaged and it remains durable for a long time despite the engraving.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages of anodized aluminum, many advertising materials are made from it. Whether bottle opener, ballpoint pen or carabiner, with an engraved company logo these are ideal promotional gifts . Smaller texts or motifs can also be created on larger products such as mugs, cups or bottles. Anodized aluminum is also used for signs of all sizes, which we can precisely inscribe with the desired text or logo.

Anodized aluminum as a special eye-catcher

Laser engraving can be used to create true works of art on the back of iPads. By engraving the finest points at a greater or lesser distance, the finest nuances of gray tones can be represented, so that photos can be reproduced with extreme detail.

Anodized aluminum is also a real eye-catcher when it comes to business cards. Visually extremely appealing, stable, elegant and high quality - with such business cards you will impress your customers and partners, and not just in the metal processing industry.

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