special metal engraving

The Laserstern company produces customer-specific signage, nameplates and machine signs. For shape labeling, shelf labeling in the design of companies or public buildings. The signage is made on the appropriate material and produced in every conceivable variant. Metal signs are particularly robust. We manufacture what you need. We are able to produce individual pieces, provide sample engravings or produce signage up to a size of 1000 x 600mm. Deep engraving is possible on an area of ​​200 x 200mm and is no problem even in stainless steel.

Special metal engravings are not that special. Stainless steel, tool steel, non-ferrous metals but also precious metals such as gold and silver can be processed. Most alloys can be marked with a metal engraving in the same way as crome or tin.

QR codes and barcodes are often used for serialization in tool making. We have software available for this purpose that, for example, generates serialized QR codes or barcodes. This clear labeling of workpieces through metal engraving makes it possible for the industry to track the items and assign them if problems arise.
We can seamlessly mark special metal engravings on turned parts in 360°. By clamping the turned part into an additional axis with stepper motors, this positions the workpiece precisely so that the laser can carry out the marking in its ideal focus field.

We have already manufactured scales in every conceivable shape. For example, we have already attached scales to the jaws of machine vices. Metal engraving creates possibilities for labeling that were not conceivable with a needle labeller.

Metal engraving is an art form that has been used for centuries to create detailed and precise designs in metal. As technology has advanced, metal engraving tools have also evolved. Today there are various methods to engrave and process metal, such as removing material or paint or cleaning surfaces with a fiber or CO2 laser.

Removing material or paint is a commonly used method to create a specific design on a metal surface. This is usually achieved through a combination of mechanical and chemical action. The first step is to thoroughly clean the metal surface to remove any remaining dirt and oil. A solvent is then applied to soften the paint or material to make it easier to remove.

Another approach to processing metal is to clean surfaces with a fiber or CO2 laser. This method is also known as laser cleaning and is a quick and effective way to remove contaminants from the surface of metals. The laser is directed at the surface in question and the intensity of the laser beam can be varied to remove different types of contaminants. The advantage of using a laser is that it is very precise and only treats the areas in question while leaving the rest of the metal intact.

Engraving metal with a fiber or CO2 laser is another popular method of machining metal. This method is typically used to engrave designs, patterns, or lettering into the metal. The laser is aimed at the surface of the metal and melts the metal in the desired locations to create the design. The advantage of using a laser is that it is very precise and can create fine details. Additionally, laser engraving can be done very quickly and cost-effectively.

Overall, there are many different methods for engraving and processing metal. Choosing the right method depends on various factors such as the type of metal, the size of the design and the desired result. Removing material or paint and cleaning surfaces with a fiber or CO2 laser are effective and cost-efficient methods of processing metal. Engraving metal with a fiber or CO2 laser is also a popular method and offers many advantages, including precision and speed. Regardless of the method chosen, metal engraving is a fascinating art form that has a long history and is still heavily practiced by craftsmen and artists around the world.

Special metal engraving

Deep engraving in stainless steel

Deep engraving in stainless steel discs

Nameplates metal engraving

Stainless steel nameplates

Scale engraving with CO2 laser on stainless steel 1000mm

Scale engraving to 1000mm width

Cut Teflon film
Cut Teflon film

Serial number 0.4x2.8mm

Serial number dimension 2.6x0.4mm