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You are looking for THE gift. Do you have an idea yourself and would like to have it implemented? We not only produce engravings but also take care of the entire process. We develop gifts, plan the implementation and feasibility, advise and support you with your gift idea.

We refine decoration and gift ideas

Small series are just as feasible as series of thousands of parts. Ultra-modern machines make it possible to produce large quantities in a short time and thereby achieve a good price.

Laser engraving offers a great way to create personalized gifts that can be appreciated on various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and other celebrations. Here are some ideas for laser engraved gifts:

  1. Personalized Cutting Boards: A cutting board with the recipient's name or initials can be a great gift idea for a housewarming, wedding or birthday.

  2. Engraved Hip Flasks: Engraving on a hip flask is an excellent gift idea for someone who enjoys whiskey or other alcoholic beverages.

  3. Personalized Keychains: A keychain with a personal engraving such as name or initials is a simple yet meaningful gift idea.

  4. Engraved Photo Albums: A photo album with an engraving that reflects the occasion or the recipient's name is a great gift idea for weddings or anniversaries.

  5. Personalized jewelry: A piece of jewelry with a personal engraving such as a name, date or a special message can be a very romantic gift idea for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

  6. Engraved Pocket Knives: A pocket knife with a personalized engraving can be a great gift idea for someone who enjoys camping or fishing.

  7. Personalized Notebooks: A notebook with the recipient's name or initials is a nice gift idea for a student, teacher, or writer.

  8. Engraved Wooden Boxes: A wooden box with a personal engraving is a stylish gift idea that can be used for storage or decoration.

  9. Personalized writing instruments: A pen or pen engraved with a name or a special message is an excellent gift idea for business partners or as a thank you.

  10. Engraved Glassware: A personalized engraving on a wine glass or beer mug can be a great gift idea for a wine lover or beer drinker.

The above ideas are just a few examples of laser engraved gifts. There are many other ways you can add a personalized touch to different occasions. The creative design and personal touch through laser engraving can help make the gift particularly unique and meaningful.

Lunch box with laser engraving on wood

Lattice hammer with label