Help, support and questions

It happens again and again that there is a need for clarification after the purchase.

Please contact us before purchasing. We can give you professional advice and event. also recommend an alternative.

We are happy to be there for you by email. You can also use our contact form for your inquiry. Contact

Please also use the answering machine if we are not available immediately.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. What color will the engraving be?

- This is very different. The color of the engraving differs depending on the material. Ask about your material, we can definitely tell you what color to expect.

2. Where can I upload my logo, photo or similar?

- Please send us your file(s) to or upload it in the checkout.

3. Does laser engraving on the smartphone or tablet affect the warranty?

- We are not aware of any case in which this has happened. However, you usually lose on one

Repair the engraving, as the manufacturer often replaces the device or housing completely.

4. Our liability insurance protects your device against damage caused by us and theft.

- We recommend. Secure your device with a code

- Please only send your device to us insured.

5. In what format do we need the graphics?

- We need a vector graphic as a template for perfect results:
AI, EPS, CDR, PDF, DXF, DWG for photo engraving requires at least 300dpi.