Rubber stamp

You can work with stamps in many different applications, be it for rewards in schools or for professional purposes such as invoice and order receipt stamps. Rubber is a commonly used material for making text plates for stamps made with laser rubber. Due to their elasticity, flexibility and good workability, these are ideal for the production of stamp text plates.

We not only offer stamps in wooden form, but also from well-known manufacturers such as Trodat or Colop. A particularly convenient variant are automatic stamps, which already have an integrated ink pad.

Laser engraving technology is often used to make stamps. The stamp design is created digitally and entered into the laser control program. The stamp is made from a suitable material that is suitable for use with a CO2 laser. The laser is adjusted to the required power and intensity to produce a clear and precise engraving. The depth and size of the engraving can be varied through the laser settings to achieve different effects.

The precision and control that CO2 lasers provide allows complex and detailed stamps to be produced, suitable for a wide range of applications. For example, golf ball stamps can be used to add initials to golf balls and to distinguish them from others on the green. For children, however, there are motif stamps, which are often used as a reward for good performance. Invoice and order receipt stamps with dates can also be produced.

Our stamps are thoroughly cleaned after the engraving process and checked for any incompleteness or defects before they are ready for use. Contact us to make custom stamps for your specific needs.

Rubber stamp

Trodat stamp stamp plate

Wooden stamp