Leather engraving

Leather engraving is one of the few techniques

which works with both open and closed surfaces. This makes leather ideal for laser engraving, also ideal because leather is a natural product. Our CO2 lasers process the leather with pinpoint precision, enabling very precise engravings. With laser engraving, lettering, logos and photos can be embossed (introduced) onto the leather. Cutting leather up to a certain thickness is also possible.

Fine details are revealed by the leather engraving through discoloration or scratching of the surface. During leather engraving, the material is processed gently without contact.

Leather belts can also be labeled on the inside as a gift idea. With leather engraving it is possible to label shoes, clothing, aprons, saddles, bridles and many other leather items. The leather engraving always looks high-quality and elegant. In terms of quality, this type of processing is certainly one of the highest quality and, in contrast to hallmarking, saves a lot of time.

Yes, laser engraving on leather is a popular application and can achieve high contrast. Laser engraving technology is ideal for engraving leather products such as bags, wallets, shoes, clothing and more. You can use a laser to engrave various patterns, texts and graphics on the leather.

It is important to note that the contrast of the engraving depends on what type of leather is used. Dark leather tends to achieve the best contrast, while light colors may have less contrast. One way to improve contrast is to dye or coat the leather before engraving to create greater contrast.

Laser cutting leather is also possible and offers many advantages over traditional cutting methods. A laser allows you to cut fine details and complex shapes that manual methods cannot. Cutting leather with a laser also allows for high accuracy and precision, minimizing waste and achieving greater efficiency.

When working with leather, it is important to set the laser to the correct power and speed to achieve the best results. Settings that are too high may burn or char the leather, while settings that are too low may not cut the leather. It is recommended to create a pattern on a test piece to find the best setting for the desired result.

Ultimately, laser engraving and cutting technology on leather is an effective method of creating complex designs and patterns on leather, as long as it is carried out by professionals to achieve the best possible result.

Leather Engraving - Leather engravings save time and money

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