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If clubs are looking for individual and professional trophy solutions, then the trophy shield is an ideal choice. It is made of high quality self-adhesive material and is easy to install. Our company produces trophy signs according to individual specifications and also offers the option of gluing them yourself.

In addition to trophy signs, we also supply and manufacture complete trophies. Our goal is to offer clubs a comprehensive solution to appropriately recognize their sporting successes. This also includes the labeling of the trophy signs. We are happy to take on this task for a flat rate so that the club members can take care of other important things. To make the ordering process easier, a framework agreement or contract can be concluded that allows club members to order at an agreed price.

We also offer the production of medals. Medals are a popular alternative to trophies and can be made in different sizes and styles. They are perfect for various sporting events and competitions. Our medals can also be individually labeled and are a nice reminder of an athlete's success.

Another service we offer is the labeling of challenge trophies. Challenge trophies are often used in tournaments or competitions and are passed on from year to year. To honor the names of the winners, we offer the opportunity to regularly label the challenge cups and thus preserve the history and tradition of the competition.

Engraving trophy plaques is an excellent way to immortalize the names of winners. Using the latest engraving technology, the text is engraved precisely and clearly legible into the material of the trophy plate. We attach great importance to precision and quality to ensure that the engraving meets the high standards of our customers.

Cutting new trophy signs is another service we offer. Often trophy signs can be damaged or outdated and need to be replaced. With our expertise, we can cut new trophy plates efficiently and precisely, ensuring that the trophies are always in the best condition.

The production of trophies from various materials such as metal, plastic or glass is another important service for sporting events and competitions. We attach great importance to the fact that the trophies are not only functional, but also look aesthetically pleasing. Our experienced craftsmen can apply custom engravings and lettering to make the trophies unique and personal. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their visions and ideas are implemented.

In summary, the services of trophy plaque engraving, new trophy plaque cutting and trophy manufacturing are essential for sporting events and competitions to be properly celebrated and appreciated. Our comprehensive solutions offer clubs the opportunity to present their sporting successes in a professional and individual way. We are proud to help our customers achieve their goals and celebrate their successes.

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