Wood engraving

Wood engraving

With wood engraving and wood engravings from Laserstern.de it is easy to engrave personalized wishes into wood. With wood engraving you can create small and large engraved works of art that are individually designed and therefore have a special effect. Our laser machines can be used to cut and engrave wood, all very precisely. Whether product logos, lettering, photos or other content, wood engraving is always a good choice. With wood engraving we can accomplish many things that would not be possible with a CNC milling machine. Wood engraving can be applied to almost any type of wood and creates a different color and feel depending on the type of wood. Wood engraving is often used for large orders. Nevertheless, we can also produce individual wood engravings at reasonable prices. Wood engraving also makes it possible to produce personalized snack boards and cutting boards.

Wood engravings from Laserstern in Erkheim are very popular. We not only manufacture, but also offer you a complete package from procurement to delivery. So why not give it as an employee gift with a wood engraving of your logo?

Wood engraving with a CO2 laser is a process in which a laser beam with a specific intensity and wavelength is directed onto the surface of the wood to create an engraving. The laser beam is generated by a CO2 laser that emits a focused beam of light that can be directed onto the material in a very precise and controlled manner.

Wood engraving with a CO2 laser is a fast and precise process that enables high quality and accuracy of the engravings. The laser beam vaporizes the wood material at the engraving site, resulting in a depression or change in the surface. The depth and intensity of the engraving can be controlled by the settings of the laser and the dwell time of the laser on the surface of the wood.

CO2 lasers can be used on various types of wood including hardwood, softwood, MDF and plywood. Wood engraving with a CO2 laser can be used for a variety of applications including the creation of jewelry, decorative objects, artwork, promotional gifts, and more.

Another advantage of wood engraving with a CO2 laser is the ability to engrave complex designs, images or text onto the wood. Because the laser can be precisely controlled, fine details can be created into the material that would be difficult or impossible with other engraving methods.

Overall, wood engraving with a CO2 laser offers a fast, precise and flexible way to engrave wooden objects that deliver excellent results.

Wood engraving with the finest details

Wood engraving deep engraving

Cup wood engraving

We achieve very fine wood engravings with our branded laser systems. These are able to produce the most delicate wood engravings, this is done very quickly and offers unimagined possibilities for personalization. Wooden engravings on communion, confirmation or baptism gifts are a popular present and are often purchased by church congregations.

Due to the endless amount of different types of wood, the different storage, the age of the tree and many other factors, wood engraving is one of the most exciting engravings in our business. Every wood has its own life and every wood engraving has its own charm. This natural product is one of the materials that can be laser cut to a certain thickness. The harder the wood, the less thickness it can be cut. There is usually a sooty edge on the wood, which is more or less dark depending on how dry the type of wood is.
It is precisely this property of wood that is used in wood engraving for the surface effects. The wood engraving is colorless, i.e. only possible by removing the surface, or dark brown, in which more heat can act on the wood. 

Harder woods are better for detailed wood engraving than soft woods.

Wedding keepsake gift wood engraving