Knife engraving

Examples of uses for knife engraving

Knives are often given as gifts and are the ideal message carrier for advertising. This type of recognition is particularly appropriate in club life in hunting and fishing. We engrave your club logo on the blade, a noble wooden handle with a name engraving, stylized animals on a steel blade, lettering on leather knife sheaths and much more. All of this is possible for club life, private use or even for series orders, for example with a manufacturer's logo.

Knife engraving - engraving of the blade

With our fiber laser we can engrave any blade, no matter what material it is made of. The knife engraving on the blade has such sharp edges that it can no longer be removed without the use of abrasives. A very good choice is knife engraving on a steel blade. This is not only long-lasting and very hard-wearing, it also makes your knife unique and gives it a personal touch.

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Knife engraving - engraving of the handle

When it comes to engraving the booklet, it doesn't matter what material it is made of. Using knife engraving, we label handles made of wood, metal, Micarta and anodized aluminum, or provide them with a logo or motif. Depending on the material, we select the appropriate laser for this type of knife engraving.

Knife engraving - engraving of knife sheaths

Of course, we also engrave knife accessories such as knife covers. Classically made of leather , the engraving on the sheath can complement the knife engraving on the blade and/or handle. But even standing on its own, the engraving on the knife cover is an eye-catcher, regardless of whether it is decorated with lettering, a motif or a logo.

Whatever type of knife engraving you choose, or whether you combine them, we will be happy to provide you with a preview. This way we ensure that we place the knife engraving in the right place and that you are completely satisfied with the desired product. Simply contact us.

Fiber laser engraving on a knife can be a great gift idea for the active man, especially if the knife is used as a tool or accessory. A fiber laser can be used to create high-precision engravings on metal, wood and plastics, making it an ideal tool for knife personalization.

Engraving can include a variety of designs, text, names or symbols that reflect the recipient's taste. It can contain a reminder of a specific event, a personal message, or simply the recipient's name. Engraving can also complement the design or material of the knife to make it a unique and personalized gift.

Another advantage of fiber laser engraving on a knife is the durability and consistency of the engraving. Unlike other engraving methods such as etching engraving or sandblasting engraving, which can fade or peel over time, engraving with a fiber laser is very durable and long-lasting. This means the knife will remain in good condition for many years and the engraving will still be clearly visible.

In summary, fiber laser engraving on a knife can be a unique, personal and lasting gift idea for the active man. It can be a useful tool or a stylish accessory that has a special meaning and reminds the recipient of a specific event, person or message.

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