Switch and socket labels

We can label switch and socket ranges from Gira, Jung, Merten, Busch-Jäger and many others.

Detailed markings on the switch material are possible through careful labeling with a color change.

Switch labels with symbols mark the rockers in an identifiable way. This means that mix-ups are virtually impossible.

Sockets in many areas require labeling and are often labeled with Dymo tapes. On the one hand, this is not durable and is also not resistant to cleaning agents and sterilization.

With switch and socket labeling, we offer the opportunity to label your switch range in a high-quality and robust manner. Thanks to the contactless color change using the switches and socket labels, symbols, markings, text labels and even entire instructions are possible.

We provide your entire switch range, prepared by the electrician, builder or already in the planning stage by the architect. We don't just label, we also supply you with the entire program according to your specifications and with your labeling, including frames, rockers and sockets.
Based on the construction plan, we are also happy to plan the labeling for you. We create the correct symbols and labels, implement them and supply you with the switch program which can be installed by the electrician.
We are also happy to act as a service provider for the installer. Please just get in touch and we will send you examples and recommendations.

A perfect addition, especially in times of home automation.

Switch label

Switch frame label