Acrylic glass cut

Application examples of acrylic glass cutting

Acrylic glass cutting offers a variety of possible uses, such as weatherproof cover plates, key rings , picture frame panels and toilet signs in individual special sizes. Stencils, displays, spit and splash guards can also be made from this material. You can also have the Plexiglas® you have already purchased cut.

Advantages of acrylic glass

The advantages of acrylic glass, also known as Plexiglas® , are its availability in all colors and surface structures, its inexpensive procurement as well as its robustness and weather resistance, which also allows it to be used outdoors. Acrylic glass can also be bent, which further expands its possible uses.

Realization options for cutting acrylic glass

Individual shapes and sizes can be achieved by cutting acrylic glass. The material is also suitable for acrylic engraving for marking or customization as well as for bending to make displays. The edges of the acrylic glass cut are crystal clear and it is possible to apply an adhesive film beforehand to ensure simple and precise installation.

Technical details and dimensions for cutting acrylic glass

An acrylic glass cut can be reliably made on acrylic glass up to 12 millimeters thick. The precision is guaranteed by using a CO2 laser router , which can process an area of ​​1000 x 600mm. Special parts such as templates or adapters can also be manufactured with the highest precision by cutting acrylic glass.

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