Textiles are diverse!

Jeans, one of the most well-known fabrics, is sometimes suitable for laser engraving. Acrylic felt or wool felt can be cut into shapes and made into beautiful works of art. Silk can be cut into the most precise shapes and fleece can be gently laser-marked using laser engraving. But it doesn't end there, softshell can also be labeled and in many cases without losing its properties.
Engraving on fleece is popular in the advertising industry to immortalize logos on a wide variety of objects and thus produce personalized, warming advertising materials.
With felt, on the other hand, it is usually about processing it into placemats or coasters. We cut these into shape and engrave them with a CO2 laser for our customers.
Laser engraving is fast, precise and efficient. Therefore, very low unit prices can be achieved.
We also offer acrylic felt in our AllAlp Collection as table coasters or placemats.

Of course, we are happy to make your coasters according to your wishes. We cut them into shape and label them according to your wishes.

It is possible to create laser engravings on textiles such as silk and cotton, however there are some factors to consider.

First, the textile material must be able to tolerate high temperature as the laser generates heat when engraving. Cotton is generally more suitable than silk because it has greater heat resistance. Silk can be damaged by heat or distorted if heated too much. It is therefore important to ensure that the material of the textile is suitable for use with a laser before engraving.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the color of the textile. Dark or black textiles can be engraved more easily and precisely than light textiles because they absorb the laser light better and therefore require less energy to be engraved.

A CO2 laser is usually used for laser engraving on textiles. The laser burns the material to create a pattern or text. It is possible to engrave fine details, but it is important to note that the engraving effect on silk and cotton may not be as strong as on other materials such as leather or metal.

It is also important to remember that engraving textiles with a laser is a specialized technique that should be carried out by professionals to ensure that the result is of high quality and does not damage the textile.

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