Plastic engraving

Color changes on plastics have become indispensable in industry. Laser irradiation causes the pigments in the plastic to change chemically and reflect the light in a different wavelength. Such a color change is known from high-quality keyboards, from the car cockpit and many other areas such as plastic containers in the cosmetics sector. The marking is high quality, indestructible and applied very quickly. Our customers include automotive suppliers, electronics manufacturers and also craft businesses. Among other things, this method is also used in consumer electronics.

Air Pod Cases can be turned into small, distinctive works of art using this technique. Symbols, fonts, entire graphics or company logos can be implemented here on the Air Pod Cases. See photo.

The color change creates an easily readable label on the plastic that is independent of the viewing angle. Plastics that are suitable for color change are produced for this purpose. However, some plastics cannot be labeled in this way, so we can carry out tests to find out which engraving works ideally for this plastic. Foaming and deep engraving are just two options available to us.

Switch housing with color change

Remote control labeled

Plastic housing color change

Air Pod Cases color change

Hygienic switch labeling