Mirror engraving

Examples of the use of mirror engraving

Flower tendrils or other motifs as non-reflective areas, your logo on a mirror, a saying that should catch your guests' eyes when washing their hands and many more.

Realization options for mirror engraving

There are two different options for mirror engraving. On the one hand, there is engraving from the front. With this type of mirror engraving, part of the glass layer of the mirror is removed and appears milky white. The mirror layer behind the glass gives the mirror engraving wonderful 3D effects. With a saying, logo or motif, your mirror becomes a real eye-catcher. With our UV laser, every mirror engraving can be realized in great detail and in the best quality.

The other mirror engraving option is to engrave the back of the mirror. The mirror layer is removed at the desired locations. These now transparent areas can now be painted with acrylic varnish in your desired color. Instead of the mirror image, you can now see your motif or lettering in the engraved and colored areas. There are no limits to your imagination. Just get in touch Come with us, almost anything is possible.