Fruit Vegetable

Examples of engravings on fruits & vegetables

Yes you've read correctly! We engrave fruit and vegetables such as apples or oranges as place signs for every occasion, peppers or kiwis as promotional gifts that are eaten quickly but are still remembered for a long time, nuts with a company logo for your customers, eggs decorated with motifs and much more .

Realization options for engravings on fruit and vegetables

With our UV laser we can laser engrave fruits and vegetables in extreme detail. When engraving on bananas, pears, tangerines, etc., the peel or skin of the fruit is not damaged, so laser engraving does not limit its durability. Another advantage of laser engraving is that it is edible because the motif, or rather the writing, is applied without any additives. In addition to fruit and vegetables, we can also label or add a logo to other foods such as eggs or nuts.

We didn't mention your favorite fruit or vegetables? Don't worry, we can make almost anything possible for you. Simply send us a message using our contact form and we will find the optimal product for your needs.

Laser engraving apple