Acrylic engraving

Examples of the use of acrylic engraving

Labeling of company signs, trophy labels made of multi-layer acrylic, key rings , table numbers, individualization of name, room or switch signs and many, many more.

Advantages of acrylic glass

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglas® is available to us in all colors and both matt, transparent and with a structured surface. The material is extremely inexpensive and can be easily processed with a laser. It is also very robust and weather-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. Nevertheless, acrylic can be bent, which further expands its possible uses.

Realization options for acrylic engraving

In addition to acrylic engraving, we also have the option of producing your desired shape by cutting acrylic glass or bending the material to create displays as well as spit and spit guards.

Regardless of whether it is a sign, pendant or stand, the labeling using acrylic engraving impresses with its sharpness and contrast. In addition to precise labels, acrylic engraving can also be used to create shapes and motifs on acrylic glass.

“Special effects” thanks to acrylic engraving

Acrylic engraving can also be done on the back of any type of sign on transparent acrylic. This means you can still see the writing, but the top is smooth and can be kept clean and sterile if necessary.

With the right lighting, you can make your engraved acrylic sign a real eye-catcher. If the sign is illuminated from the side, the matt acrylic engraving refracts the light and appears to glow.

Great effects can also be achieved with acrylic engraving on multi-layer acrylic. Engraving removes a layer so that the color of the underlying layer becomes visible. Two or three colored key rings, signs, table numbers, etc. can be produced. Cup labels are also usually implemented this way. The upper layer has a metal look, the engraved lettering then appears in the color of the underlying layer (usually black).

Acrylic engraving

Laser engraving on the back on acrylic

Acrylic topiary

Special parts cut from 8mm transparent acrylic

Acrylic laser cutting

Plates that help research institutions place Raspberry PI.