Snack board

From simple snack boards to high-quality, heavy solid wood snack boards . Individual cutting boards made of beech, oak, cherry.
We are able to supply any type of boards you choose.

Of course, we will advise you on your selection and create a suitable design for you so that your snack board meets your wishes. We then make the snack board for you. If requested, we can also send it white label directly to your customers.

Our high-quality boards are popular in the catering industry, as a gift for employees, but also as a wedding gift for loved ones. Lunch boards with laser engraving are created in our CO2 laser systems. The heat applied by the laser into the wood causes the wood to burn, creating a different effect depending on the type of wood. Due to the wood grain, no two snack boards are the same, just as no two laser engravings on snack boards will be the same if you look closely.

The effect of laser engraving on a snack board is very flexible. It is possible to achieve a kind of wood branding effect, but very precise engravings in wood can also be achieved with our lasers. This means we can personalize wooden boards to suit your taste.

Wooden boards are often made as employee gifts. With a company logo, personalized with congratulations, or for an anniversary, this versatile gift offers a benefit, sustainable and elegant.

Snack board

Snack board

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