The ultimate gift is the shoehorn.

Everyone already had a shoehorn in their hand or was grateful if a shoehorn was at hand.

We personalize your shoe horns according to your wishes. We personalize shoehorns with logos starting from just a few pieces. Sayings, name engravings or birthday wishes.

The personalized shoehorn is the first choice as a gift or souvenir. You have the opportunity to design your shoehorn directly in our shop, just click here .

If you would like to see your logo or your own design on your shoehorn or cannot imagine what your order will look like, we will be happy to create a preview of the engraving result for larger orders or make you a sample.

Wooden shoehorns with laser engraving are sustainable and made from FSC wood. Our shoehorns have been very popular for years. Thanks to its length and stability, it is a great tool to make it easier to put on shoes or simply scratch your back.

By the way , shoehorns have an old tradition . Also called a boot jack, people have been using them for a considerable amount of time.

A laser engraving on a wooden shoehorn gives this simple everyday item a personal touch and makes it a unique and individual accessory. Whether as a gift for friends and family or as a promotional gift for customers and business partners, a shoehorn with an individual laser engraving is an eye-catcher and will be remembered.

Laser engraving technology makes it possible to engrave almost any design, logo or text onto the shoe horn, making it a unique brand ambassador.

Crafted from wood and laser engraved, this shoehorn is a perfect example of timeless craftsmanship and modern technology. Made from high quality wood, it is durable and resistant and is ideal for everyday use. The smooth, polished surface ensures that the shoehorn slides smoothly into the shoe without scratching, while the laser engraving gives the shoehorn a personal touch.

The laser engraving on the shoehorn is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely durable and resistant to abrasion and moisture. This means that the engraving will still be visible and legible even after years of use. The personalization options are diverse, so that individual lettering, graphics or logos can be easily implemented.

A personalized wooden shoehorn with laser engraving is an ideal gift for business partners, employees, friends and family.

personalized wooden shoehorn