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Laser engraving vs. laser marking: the differences

Laser engraving and laser marking are two techniques used when writing and marking materials. Although they produce similar results, there are some differences between the two procedures.

Laser engraving is a more in-depth process in which the material is removed using the laser. This results in a permanent depression or engraving in the surface of the material. Laser engraving is particularly suitable for creating high-precision, high-contrast and permanent markings on metals, wood and other hard materials.

Laser marking, on the other hand, creates a high-contrast inscription or mark on the surface of the material without removing the material itself. The color of the material is changed by the laser beam or a superficial layer is removed. The result is a high-quality, permanent marking that is particularly suitable for plastics, glass, ceramics and sensitive materials.

Laser marking - precision and versatility

Laser marking offers a variety of advantages that have made it a popular method for marking and labeling products. Here are some of the top reasons why laser marking is a great choice:

  • Precision : Laser marking enables extremely precise and detailed markings, even on small dimensions and complex shapes. This allows high-quality labels and codes to be created that are easy to read even after a long period of use.

  • Durability : The markings created with laser marking are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, chemicals and environmental influences. This makes the process particularly suitable for applications where long-term durability of the marking is required.

  • Versatility : Laser marking is applicable to a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics and much more. This makes it suitable for various industries and applications, from the medical and electronics industries to the automotive and jewelry industries.

  • Speed : Laser marking is a quick process that offers an efficient and cost-effective marking solution. It enables high production rates and shortens lead times without compromising on quality.

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At Laserstern we specialize in high-precision laser marking for a wide range of requirements. With our modern equipment and our experienced team, we offer tailor-made solutions for your individual marking needs.

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