Graphics, logos - Legal notice

Photos, logos, fonts and all graphics that you give us for engraving will of course be used in accordance with current law.
This means copyright , the rights to the image, especially personal rights, are taken into account.

At the same time, we would like to point out as a precaution that you as the client must also be in possession of these rights. You confirm this with your order.

As a customer, you also assure that you are not violating any third-party rights by customizing the product

Laserstern labels - Laser engraving assumes no liability for legal violations caused by your graphic delivery. All rights to the data sent or transferred belong to you as the customer, who has already secured the usage rights for use.

Copyright violations are no small matter and carry high penalties.

We are not in a position to give you legal advice, but we reserve the right to reject questionable inquiries. This includes, among other things, E numbers of vehicle parts that require registration, which are regularly requested.

You are not allowed to commission content for which you do not have the rights; it is not our job to check this. However, we work with common sense and reserve the right to refuse your order.