Cemetery and tree burial

For years we have been supporting cemetery administrations in creating personalized, high-quality signs for urn graves, Friedwald grave sites, urn columns and most grave sites.
We create nameplates, gravestones, lettering and even stone engravings with photos. We have also engraved slate boards.

Laserstern can produce visually appealing tree burial signs made of brass or stainless steel because laser engraving technology allows for high precision and accuracy. By using a laser, the design can be engraved onto the metal in the finest detail, resulting in an extremely detailed and attractive look.

In addition, brass and stainless steel are high quality materials that provide long service life and durability. They are resistant to corrosion and can withstand the elements, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Laser engraving technology also allows Laserstern to use different fonts and sizes to produce custom and personalized signs to suit customers' wishes. Due to the high precision and accuracy of the laser, even intricate designs and logos can be engraved, resulting in a unique and attractive look.

Overall, Laserstern is able to produce high quality tree burial signs that are visually appealing due to their precision, durability and personalized design options.

We support you in creating signs, supply municipalities and administrations with the complete signs and create ordering structures for them.