Fiber laser

A fiber laser is a type of laser that

which generates and amplifies light using optical fibers. Fiber lasers are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications due to their high power, efficiency and robustness.

The functioning of a fiber laser is based on the principle of stimulated emission of photons. A laser medium, often made of rare earth elements such as ytterbium or erbium, is embedded in an optical fiber. A pump device excites the laser medium and produces an emission of photons that are reflected and amplified within the fiber.

A major advantage of fiber lasers is their efficiency. They can produce higher power than traditional solid-state lasers while losing less energy. Fiber lasers also offer greater stability and robustness to environmental conditions and vibrations.

Fiber lasers are used in a variety of applications including cutting, welding, inscription, marking and drilling of materials such as metal, ceramics and plastics. The precision and control offered by fiber lasers allows complex shapes and patterns to be created in materials to meet the needs of various industries.