Proof of disposal

With regard to the sales packaging that we filled with goods for the first time and delivered to private end consumers, our company has joined the nationwide take-back system of Friedrich Bähr Gmbh, Bremen, (customer number: 43117) to ensure the fulfillment of our legal obligations in accordance with Section 6 VerpackV. Further information can be found at "http://www.baehr-"

Baehr packaging logo

The law requires us to participate in the nationwide take-back system. We have chosen this path. For packaging that is newly put into circulation, this payment ensures a contribution to proper disposal or recycling.

We are also of the opinion that professional repatriation is a good solution and requires financial support. We also use packaging multiple times. If we have suitable packaging for your shipment, we will use it for shipping. It doesn't look so nice, but it saves resources and protects the environment. A small step, but a step.