CO2 laser

A CO2 laser (carbon dioxide laser) is a gas laser

The CO2 laser is used in many industrial applications. The laser produces infrared radiation in the range of 9.4 to 10.6 micrometers through the stimulated emission of photons. The laser gas, carbon dioxide, is excited by electrical energy and directed into a resonator consisting of two mirrors. One of the mirrors is fully reflective while the other is only partially reflective. This creates a light beam that is reflected back and forth in the resonator and amplified until it emerges as a laser beam.

CO2 lasers offer many advantages due to their high power density, precise controllability and ability to process a wide range of materials. They are often used in industry to cut, engrave, weld or mark materials such as plastics, wood, paper, textiles and metals. The energy of the laser beam is transferred to the material and creates a local melting or vaporization effect that modifies or removes the material.