How accurate can it be? Measurement methods and quality assurance

Wie genau darf es sein? Messmethoden und Qualitätssicherung

Quality assurance is crucial in the modern manufacturing industry. Customers expect products to be flawless and meet the highest quality standards. To meet these requirements, technology has developed significantly in recent years, and one of the key technologies that plays a crucial role in this is optical metrology.

Precision and documentation

Optical measurement enables previously unattainable precision in quality assurance. It is an advanced method that uses a measuring microscope to capture and analyze minute details of a product. This procedure not only offers greater accuracy than conventional measurement methods, but also enables comprehensive documentation of the measurement results.

Why is optical measurement more accurate?

The accuracy of optical measurement methods is a significant advantage. Unlike manual measurements, which can be inaccurate due to human error, optical measurement provides objective and reliable data. With a measuring microscope, products can be examined in microscopic detail. This makes it possible to reveal deviations and errors that would not be visible to the naked eye.

Advantages of optical measurement technology:

  • Speed : Optical measuring is generally faster than traditional manual methods. This is particularly advantageous in mass production as time and costs can be saved.

  • Precision : The measuring microscope can take measurements at the micrometer level and therefore provide very accurate data. This leads to higher product quality and less waste.

  • Repeatability : Optical measurement technology is extremely repeatable. This means that measurements provide consistent results regardless of the operator, making quality assurance easier.

  • 3D measurements : Advanced measuring microscopes can not only measure in 2D, but also create 3D models of products. This is crucial in industries such as aerospace, where complex components require detailed analysis.

Optical measurement

Documentation and quality assurance

Documenting the measurement results is another crucial aspect of quality assurance. Optical measurement makes it possible to create comprehensive records of measurements. This is important to ensure that products meet the required standards and to ensure traceability.

Traceability and proof of quality

Accurate documentation allows companies to demonstrate the quality of their products and, in the event of problems or recalls, more easily identify the source of defects. This helps increase customer trust and meet legal requirements.


The use of a measuring microscope for optical measurements has taken quality assurance to a new level. The combination of exceptional precision and comprehensive documentation enables companies to produce the highest quality products while meeting the demands of the modern manufacturing industry. Optical measurement is not only an investment in quality, but also in competitiveness and customer trust. It is undoubtedly a technology that will significantly shape the future of quality assurance.

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