Wedding organization wood engraving

Hochzeits Sitzordnung Planer

Today I would like to share a few ideas with you. We have been asked several times whether it is possible to map the seating arrangement for a wedding as a plan. Said and done.

We engraved the entire seating plan of the wedding party on wood with a few subtle decorations on an oak or beech wood panel measuring 1000 x 600mm.
The bride and groom were so enthusiastic about the idea and implementation that they really advertised for us and the item has been sold countless times to couples, wedding planners and, in a modified form, as a wedding gift.
Since engraving on the wooden board not only allows for writing and graphics, customers have also had photos, baby photos and family portraits engraved on wood using a laser.
Agencies and large providers have taken up the idea and had us create signs for studios or film productions.
We have also refined beer benches and beer tables with club logos or made them more theft-proof, or at least made them more recognizable.

We are also happy to offer advice on such signs if you are not sure which wood is ideal for the application, is attractive in terms of price or simply what creates the best effect when engraving wood. Talk to us and make an appointment.

Logo sign wood engraving

Have wedding seating plan engraved on wood

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